Francisco A. Abelardo 1953-2023


In Loving Memory of Francisco A. Abelardo:
A Life Dedicated to Family, Compassion, and Dignity
It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved Francisco A. Abelardo, who left us on July 14, 2023. He was a devoted family man, whose selflessness, unwavering love, and compassionate nature defined his life. Francisco was born on August 25, 1953, in the Philippines, during a time when the country faced immense challenges and struggles. His upbringing in a humble environment, filled with love for his parents and siblings, shaped his character and fueled his determination to provide a better life for his family.

Opportunity knocked on Francisco’s door when his Aunt Landa provided him with the chance to go to the United Kingdom to work. Embracing this opportunity, he embarked on a transformative journey, where he worked diligently and persevered to create a brighter future for himself and his loved ones. His hard work and resilience were recognized, and he was soon presented with another opportunity to work in the United States, staying with Aunt Les and Uncle Fred in New York.

While in the United States, Francisco’s path crossed with his soulmate, Yolanda, through mutual friends Fe and Mars. Their connection was instant, and their love grew strong. Together, Francisco and Yolanda built a beautiful life, anchored in love, mutual respect, shared dreams, and God. From their union, a remarkable son, Anthony, was born. With Francisco’s and Yolanda’s intelligence and nurturing spirit, Anthony became a beacon of intellect, compassion, and promise, a testament to his parents’ love and guidance.

Francisco’s trailblazing spirit paved the way for other relatives and siblings to follow in his footsteps, seeking success and opportunities both in the United States and in the Philippines. Inspired by his courage and resilience, they, too, have become accomplished individuals with thriving families and successful children. Francisco’s unwavering dedication and sacrifices have had a lasting impact, creating a legacy of prosperity for future generations.

Francisco and his siblings, including his sisters Catherine, Marie, and Susan, and his brothers Andy and Eduard, maintained a close and constant connection throughout their lives. Distance did not hinder their bond, as they made it a priority to keep in touch and support one another. Whether through regular phone calls, heartfelt letters, or frequent video chats, they remained actively involved in each other’s lives. Their dedication to staying connected was a testament to the depth of their sibling relationship, reinforcing the extraordinary connection they shared.

Throughout his life, Francisco’s profound love for his family remained a driving force behind his actions. He understood the importance of unity, support, and unwavering love in overcoming the challenges they faced together. Francisco’s compassion extended beyond his immediate family, as he touched the lives of those around him with his kindness and willingness to lend a helping hand.

In the later years of his life, Francisco faced his own battles with a courage that inspired all who knew him. Despite enduring the hardships of illness and medical treatments, he never lost his spirit and unwavering love for life, his family, and God. It was during this time that his wife, Yolanda, and their devoted son, Anthony, stood by his side, providing unwavering support and love. Their bond, forged through a lifetime of shared experiences and cherished moments, brought comfort and strength to Francisco during his most challenging moments.

As we gather to remember and celebrate Francisco’s remarkable life, let us reflect upon the incredible journey he undertook, rising above adversity and seizing opportunities to create a better future not only for his immediate family but for the generations that followed. His unwavering dedication to family, coupled with his compassion and dignity, will forever inspire us all.

May his soul rest in eternal peace and happiness, and may his enduring love continue to bless his beloved parents, siblings, wife Yolanda, son Anthony, and all whose lives he touched.

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