1. You talk about your exes the whole time.
- Solution: Change the topic and focus on getting to know each other.

2. Your date spends the whole night on their phone.
- Solution: Politely express your feelings and ask for their attention.

3. You got your signals crossed about where or when you're meeting.
- Solution: Communicate and clarify the details to avoid confusion.

4. They're not what you expected.
- Solution: Keep an open mind and give them a chance.

5. He keeps talking about his ex.
- Solution: Politely steer the conversation towards more positive topics.

6. He has disgusting eating habits.
- Solution: Focus on your own meal and try to overlook it.

7. He's constantly on his phone.
- Solution: Communicate your discomfort and ask for their attention.

8. He's rude to the waiter/waitress.
- Solution: Address the behavior and consider if it aligns with your values.

9. He brings a friend.
- Solution: Express your preference for a one-on-one date.

10. He gets all philosophical on you.
- Solution: Engage in the conversation and share your thoughts.

11. He tells you about his therapist.
- Solution: Listen and be supportive if he feels comfortable sharing.

12. Your outfits match.
- Solution: Embrace the coincidence and have fun with it.

13. You get a food stain on your clothes.
- Solution: Laugh it off and try to clean it as best as you can.

14. You accidentally say something offensive.
- Solution: Apologize sincerely and clarify your intentions.

15. You run into someone you know.
- Solution: Introduce your date and continue with the conversation.

16. You have a disagreement on a sensitive topic.
- Solution: Respectfully discuss your differing opinions and find common ground.

17. Your date is overly flirtatious with others.
- Solution: Communicate your discomfort and evaluate if it's a dealbreaker.

18. Your date is late.
- Solution: Be understanding and give them a chance to explain.

19. Your date cancels last minute.
- Solution: Stay positive and reschedule if both parties are interested.

20. You feel no connection or chemistry.
- Solution: Be honest and communicate your feelings respectfully.

1. The Tinder
- Description: This scenario involves going on a blind date arranged through the Tinder app.
- Characteristics: Meeting someone for the first time, limited prior knowledge about the person.

2. The set-up
- Description: This scenario involves being set up on a date by a friend.
- Characteristics: Potential for shared interests or compatibility based on friend's recommendation.

3. The second time
- Description: This scenario involves going on a second date with someone.
- Characteristics: Building on the initial connection, exploring potential for a deeper relationship.

4. The sex date
- Description: This scenario involves deciding to have sex for the first time.
- Characteristics: Intimacy, vulnerability, and communication about boundaries and expectations.

5. The optimistic one
- Description: This scenario involves going on multiple lackluster dates while still hoping for a meaningful connection.
- Characteristics: Persistence, optimism, and openness to new possibilities.